Dear clients (and who wants to become one),

On this website, we provide you with the documents you need to fulfill your obligations under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR or DSGVO).

The heart of the system is the „Records of processing activities“. Here you can quickly and easily create the records of processing activities required for your company (Art. 30 GDPR).

Furthermore, we have drawn up a contract for order processing including the technical and organizational measures (TOM) to be specified there.

If you prefer the complete package instead of individual documents, we have put together a data protection package for you which really contains all the texts (including the list of processing activities and the order processing contract) so that your company is GDPR-compliant.

And there is also an offer for our competitors in the consulting market for the GDPR (namely the use of our texts in daily consulting practice for an annual flat fee).

With this in mind, get started and create your records of processing activities and the other legal texts required under data protection law.

If you need advice or help with the documents, we are of course at your disposal. If we are unable to give you a brief answer or an FAQ, we will certainly offer you a good all-inclusive price.

My office is also ready to be appointed as your EU representative (Art. 27 GDPR). Further information on my appointment as EU representative for your company can be found at

And if you simply want your company to present itself to the outside world in a way that is secure regarding data protection law (i.e., an examination of your website and the preparation of the data protection declaration), then take advantage of our package „Privacy policy and data protection review for your website.“